Felix Ever After: The Review

I am so, so excited to finally get to write about this book! Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender came out this past May and my Goodreads and Twitter feed were covered in nothing but praises for it. Everything from the summary, to the cover, to everything my favorite book bloggers had to say about it had me so excited to finally read this! I ordered it mid June or so after finding an indie bookstore that would ship to me and I finally got it a few days ago on July 30th. I wasn’t too surprised to see it take so long (I live in Puerto Rico so things usually take a while to ship here, plus all the usual Covid-19 delays) but I was definitely anxious to see it finally arrive. 

I finished up what I’d been reading at the time and pretty much immediately picked up my copy to read. I’m very, very happy to say that it went above and beyond of all my expectations! 

Felix Ever After
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Transathon Wrapup

 Hello! You might have noticed that there was no Week 3 update, which is mostly because I didn’t really get a lot done that week. To be honest, I didn’t do a ton this last week either, but I want to provide the wrap up anyway! My ambition was to read everything on my TBR list and that just didn’t wind up happening, but that’s okay. What I did read, I really enjoyed! 

These last two weeks, I read I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver and a+e 4ever by I. Merey. 

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my worst reading habits

 Bad habits. We all have them! And we all have them in… almost everything we do, right? I got to thinking about how I could spice up my weekend and decided to make this self call out about my worst reading habits. Enjoy! 

(This is a joke, there is no right way to read and so long as you’re happy with your reading habits, no one call tell you they’re bad. Okay love you bye) 

1. Not DNF

I am my own worst enemy. Play the Lit song for me, please and thank you. 

Is it my ADHD hyperfocus? Is it my OCD? Is it my crippling perfectionism? Is it a combination of all three? I don’t know, but if I ever pick up a book with the answer, I’ll definitely read it until the end no matter how miserable I am. Because I don’t DNF books. Like… I don’t. Even if I hate it and I’m not having any fun, I just… keep reading? It’s not even me thinking that it’s going to get better and pushing through because of that, I just don’t do it. I might take a small eternity to finish whatever I’m reading and this is one of the times when I let myself have multiple reads going on at the same time, but I just push forward.

Do I think it makes sense? No. Do I recommend it? Also no. I’m kind of hoping to grow out of it someday, but until then… I’ll just keep using it as the excuse as to why I never start my assigned readings I know I’m going to hate it 🙂 

(Obviously I don’t finish if it’s something ridiculously offensive and harmful, but this is also why I try to peek at reviews of things I pick up beforehand so I never start those in the first place.)

2. Blurbs? Who is that?

All right, this one might seem like it contradicts with the last one, but I promise it doesn’t. I can’t really tell you how it doesn’t, it just does. A solid 60% or so of the time, I pick books and start reading them without actually reading the blurbs for them. I’m a simple guy. I see someone talking about a queer book and it’s an immediate TBR. A friend tells me they liked a book? It’s going in the TBR! It’s got a pretty cover? TBR, baby. The amount of times I’ve been halfway through reading something, stopped to be like ‘wow, this is not what I expected’, then read the back and see that it’s exactly how it advertises itself is bordering on comical. 

Honestly, this doesn’t bug me that much. Every once in a while it leads to disappointment because I’ve constructed a whole premise in my mind over a cover and a few tweets, but most of the time, it just means I’m in for a lot of surprises when I’m reading, which makes it really fun! You’ve got to trust where you get your recommendations from, but it’s a fun way to read. (I also rarely watch movie trailers, though, so maybe I’m just weird.) 

3. I can have a tiny spoiler. As a treat.

This is one that’s bound to either get you saying ‘what’s the big deal’ or absolutely horrify you. My mom always acts like I’ve murdered her childhood dog anytime she sees me doing it, but a couple of people have just shrugged and wondered why I even felt the need to share that I do it in the first place. 

I don’t know when I started doing it and for the life of me, I couldn’t give you a good reason why, but when I’m reading a physical copy of anything fictional, I always flip to the end and read the very last line before starting the book. I do this a lot less now that I mostly read ebooks, but when I get physical copies, I’m always excited for a chance to go back to this old habit. Some people ask how I can deal with spoiling myself like that, but to be honest, I’ve rarely been spoiled by doing this. Usually, the last line is something that doesn’t really make sense until after reading and it’s fun to see the pieces come slowly together. 

Do you do any of these? What are your worst reading habits? Let me know and maybe we can bond over being human disasters! 

Transathon: Week 1 Update

Today marks 1 week into Transathon, the trans themed readathon I’m participating in this month! You can see my planned TBR for it here!

I’m off to a slightly slow start because to be completely honest, it took me a few days into July to realize July had arrived. Oops? That’s the life of a quarantined student with fully online classes, I guess. I did manage to read one book for it, though: Dreadnought by April Daniels for the category A book with a trans MC.

Dreadnought (Nemesis, #1)

You can find my GoodReads review for it here! In short, I absolutely loved it. I’m a big superhero fan and my favorite part of comics is when they focus in on the character a bit more. Dreadnought is like an extended, character driven origin story. There was some fantastic world building about superhero culture as a whole and how they interact with the communities around them, which I adored. It doesn’t have as much fist fights and explosions as most superhero films these days, so fans of the MCU might be a little put off by this version of superheroes, but fans of the characters, some less action focused comics, and probably a lot of Marvel or DC fic readers will very likely love Dreadnought as much as I did.

I suspect my next read for Transathon will be Peter Darling after I finish The Fascinators, judging by what my library holds look like right now, but we’ll see! I didn’t plan this out quiiite as much as I probably should have. Case in point: My copy of Felix Ever After probably won’t get here in time. 😦

It hasn’t shipped yet (backordered!) and then will probably take a hot sec to get to PR, which I’m used to and don’t really mind, though I am bummed that I might not be able to read it for Transathon like I planned. I guess we’ll just have to see! Unfortunately, shipping delays (particularly with books like these that aren’t really available locally) are just part of life down on the island. Fingers crossed it gets here, though!

Until next week!

Clap When You Land: The Review

When I started getting back into recreational reading a few months ago, Elizabeth Acevedo’s name popped up quite a few times. Like a fool, I didn’t immediately drop everything and go read her entire catalog. Instead, I waited a couple of months before getting to it, but as soon as I read my first Acevedo novel, I immediately went to get the rest of her books.

Clap When You Land is my second Acevedo novel and I hope I’ll be reading things from her for many, many years to come. Currently, The Poet X is in the mail somewhere on its way to me and I’m waiting anxiously to pick it up, because I have a feeling it’ll be as astounding as the first two Acevedo novels I read.

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Boyfriend Material: The Review

Oliver was much as I remembered him: a cool, clean modern-art piece of a man entitled Disapproval in Pinstripes. And handsome enough to annoy me. My own face looked as if Picasso had created it on a bad day—bits of my mum and my dad thrown together without rhyme or reason. But Oliver had the sort of perfect symmetry that eighteenth-century philosophers would have taken as evidence for the existence of God.

From the second I spotted the cover for Boyfriend Material across Goodreads and book Twitter, my interest was piqued. When I read the synopsis, it instantly became one of my most anticipated summer reads. As luck would have it, I was approved for an e-ARC of it on NetGalley. Opening that email that told me I’d been approved was probably the happiest I’d been in a week and the 36 hours that followed when I read it might have topped that moment. So, you know. A million thank you’s to NetGalley, Alexis Hall, and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the ARC!

I love fan fiction. I can read 100k+ fanfics overnight. I can write novel length fics without breaking a sweat, I spend more time on Ao3 than is probably healthy. I’m not ashamed to admit it. As a kid, fan fiction was where I could go and have all the disappointing pieces of the source text wrapped up in a neat little bow. It was also one of the only places where I could reliably find characters who resembled me and shared my identities. Of course I wound up loving it.

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Running With Lions: The Review

I’ve mentioned it across Twitter and Goodreads before, but I’ll say it again: I was kind of a jock in high school. I played varsity baseball and basketball, which meant I was ‘on season’ basically year round. I loved it and while I don’t play at college right now, I miss it everyday and I’m still pretty involved in athletics. My work study job is pretty much sports photography and I love it!

I was also really heckin’ gay in high school. I also still am. More so, actually. Bring those together, and I’m pretty much as much of a Sports Gay as you can imagine. So Julian Winter’s Running With Lions, a gay YA that takes place during a varsity soccer team’s summer camp? It called to me from the second I first came across it. It was absolutely, perfectly tailored for me as a reader in every way I could imagine, because guess what? The main character and I also share a first name. Perfection.

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Playlist To Relive Carry On

EDIT: Since making this post, it’s come to my attention how one of Rowell’s earlier books Eleanor & Park is racist and perpetuates anti-Asian stereotypes. I haven’t read and I’m not Asian, so I am probably the least qualified person to talk about this or elaborate, so instead, I’m going to amplify more knowledgeable voices and encourage you to read this article, check out this twitter thread, and do further research if you want to learn more. For obvious reasons, I’ve lost a lot of respect for Rowell as an author and while I still enjoy Carry On, want to preface it by being incredibly aware of her harmful behavior and stress that separating the author from the work rarely works.


Did you love Carry On by Rainbow Rowell? The magic, the tropes, Simon and Baz? Me too! Do you love music and have it as a backdrop to every moment of your life? Hey, me too! I tore through Carry On and it’s sequel Wayward Son in a few days and was left in the dreaded limbo of emptiness after finishing a good book and wanting desperately to have more content. So I opened up Spotify and made a playlist to relive all my favorite parts of Carry On. Enjoy the playlist, moodboard functioning as cover, and a deeper look into the song choices below!


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